How it all started

Michael Heinrichs started M-Tec as an independent company in 1999 with the aim of helping to create impactful event experiences. While his speciality was and is lighting design and conceptualisation, since the early days the company has grown to include the full spectrum of lighting, sound, and audio-visual effects and techniques.

For more than two decades, we’ve outfitted indoor and outdoor events and fixed installations from venues in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and even Africa and the United States. Along the way we’ve provided technical support for everything from intimate weddings to large-scale concerts and festivals. Our project portfolio also includes award ceremonies, gala dinners, fashion shows, theatre productions, product launches, sports and corporate events.

Prior founding his own company, Michael Heinrichs was already rooted in the entertainment industry, programming and maintaining lighting equipment as a side-job for allmost 10 years. While doing his main-employment in a multinational military environment his heardbeat rised more and more to use his skills in language, computers, maintenance and programming to prepare the way to become a specialist in the entertainment business.

When business started he was able to find some companion to assist the growing up company, handle projects and increase the level of professionalism. Since this early time, day by day he and his team is doing everything to satisfy every client, every job, every project.

Since we are a German company, located in Germany, most parts of this webpages are written in german. In case you need any help to find your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. All staff is able to speak fluently English.

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