We would like to welcome you to explore our website, enjoy information about our projects, about our past, present and maybe our corporate future.

As a reliable full-service-partner in all concerns of modern entertainment technologies we would like to give you an idea of our possibilities and all options open to your ideas. Working with you from event concept to realisation, we use our technical creativity, if necessary, adding problem-solving expertise to make your audio and visual ideas come to life.

For more than three decades, we are enjoying our work, doing all the things concerning lights, sound, video, stage and -owed to the latest developments- webmeeting and streaming.

Using professional equipment, skilled staff in lighting, sound and audio-visual, wealth of ideas and creativity in „making the job work“ paired with working within budget, we provide cost-smart solutions to produce spectacular results that live up to your creative vision.

Our company is located in the far western area of Germany, close to the Netherlands and Belgium, beside to the city of Aachen.

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